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Zion Passion Play
April 4-19, 2003
The Zion Passion Play has been performed by Christ Community Church in Zion IL for 65 years, using 3 purpose-built facilities. For 2003, the existing Christian Arts Auditorium was significantly upgraded and the production was complete re-designed. The show was produced by Ron Arden and brillantly directed by Cynthia Hughes. Jan Lavacek designed the set. These shots are from the two final dress rehearsals.

The theatre is an older 500-seat procesnium, with dead-hung pipes over a very deep stage. Including the apron, the stage is nearly 50' deep, and contains two 25' turntables just US of the plaster line. Due to limited budget and power, we used only 102 instruments and 92 dimmers, but gained a lot of flexibility by including eight StudioColor 575s. Control was a 192-channel ETC Express 48/96.

Bonus points if you spot the effects from my ill-fated attempts to use R74 in 6x9s for toplight, or either Ron (the producer) or Cynthia (the director) taking notes in the shadows.

Click on the photos for larger images.
Josh, who came in one day to assist me w/some cueing changes.
Andy Hollard unpacking rentals. Andy and especially Ed Spohr and Carl Klawonn (not pictured) rebuilt much of the theatre's rigging for this production.
Andy gets ready to hang a StudioColor. With dead-hung pipes 27' in the air, we had to find a way for just one person to hang the SCs. Andy solved it w/this method of using the lift.
Laurie Deeds (left, who loved the lift so much we couldn't get her down!) and our SM Dee Saffold, who jumped in help w/lights.
Light plot
Light section
Magic sheet
Eq Spreadsheet
(compressed, zip format)
More paperwork coming soon!
As long as you don't outright copy the show, you can even download my cueing for this production. This is a show file for an ETC Express 48/96 (s/w v3.1). You can look at the cues in this file using ETC's offline editor.
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