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Film (Lighting)
Aug 2005
This was a film shoot for a 40-minute film written and directed by Andy Skroska. We plan to submit it to the Sundance Festival, and perhaps other festivals as well. The film revolves around some hard feelings between a couple guys, after the final game of a losing softball season. It's set mostly in a bar. We used Jack's Tap in downtown Chicago. Lighting was pretty minimal due to a lack of power - a pinspot, a couple of 6" theatre fresnels, a couple Par64s, and a few 500w video floods.

Vineyard Christian Church
New Facility
Vineyard purchased the old Shure Microphone r&d facility in Evanston, IL in 2004, and I've designing the stage and general lighting for three of its spaces (main auditorium, lobby, children's stage).
The new system uses a pair of ETC Sensor dimmer racks, with a number of circuits shared between the spaces to save on dimming costs.

ETC Unison time-of-day programming controls the house lights, normal weekday lighting, and weekly service needs, while a theatrical console handles more specialized needs. With only a 14' ceiling, heat and beam width were issues that had to be dealt with. 5' pipe grids above the main and lobby stages are planned, and cold-mirror S4 Pars for typical weekly lighting (to reduce heat on stage).

Several drawings are available for download:
    Auditorium stage plan (PDF)
    Lobby plan (JPG)
    Full floor plan (JPG)
The photos above show some of the construction, and before and after shots of the space. I came up the concept of the two-level booth, with sound on a slightly lower level (more in line w/the speaker outputs), and lighting above for a better view.

We were finally able to open the facility in June 2006. Due to delays and permit issues, the church ended up with two mortgages for longer than anticipated, and to help get this new facility open more quickly, I drastically cut the lighting install budget, delaying a good portion of the lighting costs until after move-in. At the time of opening, only 6 dimmer circuits had been installed in the main auditorium (floor pockets upstage); all ceiling circuits were put on hold. The full grid in the auditorium was installed, but only a couple grid pipes went up in the lobby and kids' areas. The ETC Sensor and Unison systems were completely installed; the rest of the distro circuits and lighting fixtures will be added later.

Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Little Theatre
These photos are from the Little Theatre I helped design for Vineyard Christian Fellowship. It was a collaboration with Eriksson Architecture; my contribution was the lighting system, ceiling treatment, house lighting, and access / storage / wall layout around the stage area.

The room's design was limited by budget, but included an ETC Sensor dimming system, with a mere 13 dimmers dedicated to the stage and another 7 for house lighting. House lights had 7 zones and were usually controlled by an ETC Analog Address system, which also controlled stage lighting for simple events. House and stage were both controlled by an ETC Idea 24 console for more complex events.
This room was dismantled in June, 2004, but it was used for nearly 6 years to produce small theatre events, coffeehouse concerts, seminars, wedding receptions, worship services, and children's theatre. You can see photos from the children's shows and concerts elsewhere in this portfolio. For a final note, here's Josh pulling the old sound snake out of the wall, in the room's last days:

Film, Conference, Architectural work

Apr 1993 Mont Clare Theatre
West Side Vineyard
Chicago, IL Designed, purchased, installed simple stage lighting in converted movie theatre

Oct 1994 Coffeehouse
Libertyville Vineyard
Libertyville, IL Designed/Spec'd lighting system for a coffeehouse

May 1995 Karitos Arts Fest
Irish-American Heritage Ctr
Chicago, IL Festival lighting director; handled design & focus for various acts
Proc. theatre, 64 instruments, manual console

Mar 1996 Odyessey Arts Fest
Stevenson HS
Chicago, IL Designed 2 spaces, one studio for various acts, and mainstage for various dance groups. Mainstage was proc/thrust, 120 instruments, 72ch EDI Omega.

May 1996 God's Heart Art Conference
Stage Door Theatre Co
New Trier West Ctr
Northfield, IL Proc. theatre w/fly, 110 instruments, 80ch auto-transformer

Oct 1996 Father's Heart Promo Tour
Stage Door Theatre Co
New Trier West Ctr
Northfield, IL Proc. theatre w/fly, 50 instruments, 80ch auto-transformer

Sep 1997 Shades of Meaning
Waukegan, IL Handled outdoor lighting for short film piece; ~6 instruments, various reflectors

Nov 1997 Little Theatre
Evanston, IL Designed and oversaw install of lighting sys, consulted on arch. design for small theatre space. See the coffeehouse portion of this portfolio for photos from this space.

Aug 2002 Main Sanctuary
Elk Grove Baptist
Elk Grove, IL Consulted on gym and sanctuary lighting, created detailed drawings and proposal for upgrading the sanctuary system to support both normal and theatrical uses

Oct 2002 Main Sanctuary
The Worship Center
Evanston, IL Consulted on sanctuary lighting, created detailed drawings and proposal for new sanctuary system to support both normal and theatrical uses

Dec 2004 Auditorium / Lobby
Vineyard Christian Church
Evanston, IL Designed & spec'd lighting systems for three areas at Vineyard's new facility, the old Shure Microphone building in Evanston, IL. ETC Sensor and Unioson systems will support both weekly and theatrical uses. A draft drawing of the lighting systems for that space is available here.

Aug 2005 Next Year
Chicago, IL Served as gaffer for 30 min film; ~9 instruments, indoor location shoot

Aug 2011 Lead On
Evanston, IL Designer. National women's conference at the Vineyard. Design included pools of light throughout a large lobby, highlight intimate seating areas, a pattern wash on the coffee / refreshments area, and speaker & band lighting in the main auditorium. Backgrop was a series of gray/tan panels light from both edges with orange and green washes (matching the conference's palette). Most Par64s and Source4 pars; about 30 instruments.
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