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Lost Dogs
The Garden - Lost Dogs w/Ticklepenny Corner
May 10, 2003
For our little Garden, these were big names. The members of the Lost Dogs are all legends in the Christian music alternative scene, and include the late Gene Eugene, Mike Roe (of the 77s), Terry Taylor (of Daniel Amos), and Derri Daugherty (of The Choir). The show was opened by a folksy trio called Ticklepenny Corner.

For lighting, I decided the alterna-country of the 'Dogs wanted a dusty, outdoor feel. I used my normal colors for front (R55, in Altman 6" fresnels), top (R367, also with 6" fresnels) and cyc wash (R74, in WFL 1k pars). I added a diagonal slash on the back wall in R23 using some ancient 5.5" 500w fresnels, then another diagonal below it in R50 w/600w NSP pars. Sidelight was a dusty amber (G455, 1k MFL pars). I also tried a back/side position using R76 and G905 (all 1k MFL pars). The G905 was nice, but needed more punch then I had. And R76, while a great color, didn't read well from the back/side position where I was using it.

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Some of my photos:
(taken while running the show)
Here's our promoter Chris Langill, and an audience volunteer pulling a number to award a free CD during intermission.
Three dogs in a row: Mike Roe on the left, Terry Taylor center, and Derri Daugherty on the right.

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