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Dick Ryan
The Garden - Dick Ryan / IVCF Benefit
Feb 15, 2003
This was a benefit show for Dick Ryan, an staffworker with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. A longtime personal friend (and a big part of why I'm still involved in lighting design), Dick's purpose within IVCF is to speak out about how the arts are needed in the kindgom of God, and to help artistically gifted students find acceptance and encouragement in their pursuit of the arts. Dick has also produced a wonderful film short titled "Shades of Meaning", which I helped light and which is (to date) my only film lighting experience.

The show itself included a number of singer/songwriters, some visual artists, and a number of other art forms. The lighting design was pretty simple - washes of toplight and several focused spots of top and front light.

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A poor picture, but here's the only shot I have of our usual sound guy, Dave Schuman, working the board.
This is Tim, my lighting assistant on most Garden shows. He can run the board during focus, and is learning to run it during shows.
Here's our promoter Chris Langill, discussing the finer points of running the register at the 'coffee' part of our coffeehouse.
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