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Rock Show Nov 07
Rock for Mallory 3

Procreation, The Red Peace, Still Not Sexy, The DeFranes, Walrus
Nov 3, 2007
Another rock show, the third this season dedicated to raising funds for Mallory Langill, a 7-year-old girl in need of a double-lung transplant.

Again, we had 5 bands and used the lobby space, with a light plot very similar to the last show. Our little Altman 3.5Q lekos stayed focused on the cyc, in R15. Backlight stayed with R358, and drums stayed at R23. The trees were in R79 (I think), R342 and R23, while the lower cyc was in R27. The footlights were R94 for most of the show, then G985 and later a doubled R23. Side wash was R79. As usual, frontlight was R55; cyc was R74 from above. Later in the show, the lower cyc lights were changed to R94 or R95 (I think) and reversed, to back/uplight the drums.

Some of the photos below are mine, most are by Todd Rodgers.

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