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Rock Show Feb 10
Rock For Haiti

The Gypsys, The James, Rasputin, We Proudly Present, Sounds of Believers, Meredith Tomlins, Joe Clough, David Dizon, Devon Kay
Feb 20, 2010
The first rock show of 2010 for Vineyard, supporting relief efforts for Haiti.

A new type of show - five bands in the lobby, and a number of acoustic acts in a second smaller venue. Lighting on the lobby stage benefited from three new S4pars, each lamped to 750w and geled with L181, for a nice strong deep purple toplight. WFL pars on the floor used R27 and R90. The back wall had a bottom wash in G895, front wash in R74, gobo wash in R46, and a cross pattern in R23. Front light, as usual, was R55, and the main back/top wash was R69 this time. Drums had R15 and L181 from the top, and R46 and R94 from farther back. Side washes were R73 and R22. There were also back washes of (I think) R74, R95, and R42.

The second area is a very small stage with only 6 circuits, and a very low ceiling (about 10'). Here, we used the Unison portable controller with 6ch, a number of very small Par20s for backlight (R68 and R16), and three fresnels (in R42, R02, and R70, I think).

Besides my photos below, also see the show's Facebook page for details and photos.
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