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Rock Show Feb 08
Rock for Hunger

Imminent, Stoop, The RememberWhens, The DuFrenes, 13 Ashes
Feb 2, 2008
The first rock show of 2008 for Vineyard, supporting Vineyard's Harvest Food Pantry, which provides food to folks in need in this area, including the Chicago neighborhoods of Juneway and east Rogers Park, among others. Vineyard serves about 120 familes a week right now, and volunteers are always need to help. The Harvest is open on Wed nights.

As usual, 5 bands, in the lobby space, with our so-far standard light plot. Our little Altman 3.5Q lekos stayed focused on the cyc, in R15. Backlight stayed with R358, and drums stayed at R23. We had a top wash in R79, and R94 from the floor-mounted sides. The cyc remained in R74. I think the trees were using R23, R76, and perhaps R39.

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