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Below I've included some links to my past designs and to a wide range of information, vendors, retailers, and other topics of interest to theatrical lighting designers. Although it's not intended to be a complete listing (see PLASA or eLumit for that), I do welcome suggestions and ideas - just drop me an email!

My Portfolio Discussion Books - Design
Portfolio main Stagecraft list Automated Lighting: Art
Children's Theatre rec.arts.theatre.stagecraft Concert Lighting
Concerts     FAQ Designing with Light
Musicals / Opera LED Professional Lighting - Design Idea
Plays / Original Works Lighting Dance Light Fantastic: Art/Design
Other -Film, Confs, etc LightNetwork     Roadie.net Light on the Subject
Show Control     Show Power Lighting Stage: Art/Practice
Method of Lighting Stage
Organizations VectorWorks forum Magic of Light
ASTC Scene Design/Stage Light
PLASA News / Magazines Stage Lighting: Prac Guide
IATSE Live Design Stage Lighting Handbook
IALD NYC Theatre Wire Stage Lighting Revealed
IL Theatre Assoc PerformInk (Chgo) Stage Lighting: Art/Craft/Life
Themed Ent Assoc PLSN Theatre Design/Production
USA Local 829 Pollstar Theatre Health & Safety
USITT Stage Directions
USITT Midwest Yale Tech Briefs Books - Process Standards
Automated Programming Ansi: ESTA, other stds
Industry Shows Christian Theatre Practical Guide -Stage Light Esta: TSP standards
LDI Christians In Theatre Arts OSHA Stds
LightFair Church Stagecraft list Books - Tech
Plasa Christian Theatre Network Control Sys -Live Entertain
NATEAC DramaShare Books - Dealers
USITT Getting Most -Followspot Hbk Alibris - Lighting
Tech for Worship Magazine Intro to Rigging -Appl/Tech Broadway Press
Book Listing Lighting Control: Tech/Appl PLSN Bookshelf
Lighting Book List Books - Drafting
AutoCAD for Theatre Users Books - Reference
Books - Safety Designer Drafting -Entertain Stage Rigging Handbook Backstage Handbook
Stage Fright: Health/Safety Drafting for the Theatre Structural Design -Stage Photometrics Handbook
Theatre Safety for Schools New Hbk -Lighting Graphics Tech Solutions / Briefs   v2 Pocket Reference

Design / Learning Lighting Eq - New /Rent Lighting Eq - Used Software - CAD
ACT Lights - Resources Angstrom LD Assistant (AutoCAD)
BCA -Theatre Design Barbizon Circuit Lighting CompuCAD
LiveDesign master class BMI Supply ILC Draftsight
Cable Coiling BML LightBroker     LightWorks SoftPlot
Cable Specs Chgo Spotlight GearSource     LimeLight
Cable - Specs / Subs DesignLab Chgo Solaris Network MacLux Pro
Control Booth ELS Upstaging Microlux
Console Deep Resets High Output UsedLighting.com Sketch Up
Dance Design ILC StarDraw 2D     Pro / 3D
Dimmer Electronics LightTrader Lighting Eq - Rentals Symbols:   Cue1   Jeff S
Epanorama - Lotsa info! LimeLight Kinetic Lighting   Mbox   Patrick's Library
Elec Basics   3ph Sizing Mainstage   SoftSymbols
ETC Sensor Diagnostics This file is in PDF format MGC Lighting (UK) Software - Cueing VectorWorks
Harvard - Tech Handbook Norcostco Cue Convrt     AutoPlot   Spotlight
HS Tech Prod PRG / 4th Phase CueLux       ESP Vision
Joy of Visual Perception Etc Offline Editors Software - Analysis
Knots   more   animated Production Adv Horizon     Interstellar
McKernon: Focus Charts Solaris Light Converse LD Calculator
                    Shop Orders Starlite Light Factory LightJams
Museum Lighting STTV TimeCode Convert Crescit (collaboration)
Non-Std Theatrical Terms UK Sound & Lighting WYSIWYG Photometric Wsht -Jeff S
Photometrics XLCue Projection Magic
Selecon -Knowledge Bank Online Ordering Virtual Light Lab
Spectrum - Full vs other BMI Supply
Stage Lighting 101    More Dove Mobile Apps Software - Other
Stage Mgmt Articles Lighting Books Beam-, DMX-, PowerCalc
Student Primer LED Tapes / Fixtures Control -Vibrio
Techie Gospel Light Trader CXI Calc Focus Phone
    Another Tech Gospel MainStage DMX- iSwitch   DMXref LightWright
    Real Gospel   True? PNTA     Luminaire     LightWright touch
TheatreCrafts.com Premier Lighting Mac - Theatre S/W
Theatre Light Dsgn inter Production Adv Gel-Swatch Lib
RC4 -Wireless Dimming Gobo- Moire   iGobo   myGobo Radiance
Sapsis Rigging Infogate         iRigCalc Screen Monkey
VectorWorks -Kevin Allen SLD (DJ mostly) ShowTimer     Light Calc
Why Ground? Star Light LightingHB     PocketLD ETC Programming
Mike Wood -Articles TheatreFX ETC forums
WPI Tech Handbook Used Lighting.com
Wiedamark (LED fixtures) ML Programming Focus Pts
Wills Lighting/Stage Tutorial -Express
grandMA resources
Hog Quick Refs

Fixtures -Conv Fixtures -Auto Fixtures -Extras Fixtures -Scrollers
ADB ADB Advanced Devices Apollo
Altman Clay Paky Apollo ChromaQ
Chauvet City Theatrical Wybron
ETC Coemar Gam Tools
L&E DHA LittleLite Fixtures -Tiny
Selecon Elektralite Neutrik Luxam (lighting models)
Strand ETC Union Connector Uni-Pars
High End
Martin Fixtures -LED Followspots
Robe Abstract AVR ADB
Chauvet     Videos Lycian

Vari*Lite Color Kinetics Strong

ETC R&V Beamlights

ILC Nexxus Lighting

RedMonkey Prism

Techni-Lux Pulsar



Control Dimming Lamps Color
ADB ADB ANSI lamps -Prod Adv Additive/Subtractive Color
Avolites Avolites 1000 Bulbs Apollo     Gel Equivalents
Celco ETC All Bulbs Color Choice (Rosco)
CompuLite Atlanta Light Bulbs Color Guide (Lee)
EDI Int Raceways(igbt) ATR Lighting Color Guide (Rosco) This file is in PDF format
EntTec Barbizon Color Theory (Gam)
ETC Leprecon Bulbs.com Color & Scenery (Rosco)
NSI / Leviton Bulb Barn Color Perception (wow!)
Jands Strand Bulb Connection
Leprecon Bulbman Gel Equivalents
LightTronics Bulbmart Depot
LyteMode (arch) Bulbtronics Gel Eq -Gam/Rosco
Martin Dallas Light Bulb Gel Eq - Lee/Rosco
NSI / Leviton Gel Eq - Lee/Mac 600
IPS / IGBT InterLight Gel Eq -Rosco/Mac 600
Strand Lighting Supply Gel Eq -Rosco/Mac 2k
Show Cntrl (Barbizon) Multi-Lite Gel Eq -StudioColor
Show Cntrl (RSD) Philips Gam
Show Cntrl (Zircon) Prod Adv Lee
ShowMagic LightBulbs.com Light & Color
ShowMagic SOS Light Bulbs Rosco
Top Bulb Special FX (glass)

DMX Tools DMX Resources Effects Gobos
Doug Fleenor Design Cntrl Protocols (Plasa) Apollo Apollo
EntTec DMX Mini-FAQ BML-Blackbird DHA
Gam Tools DMX Primer DMX basics Gam
Goddard Design Why Terminate? Diversitronics
Interactive-Online Ujjal's DMX site Flying by Foy Gobos & Animation (Rosco) This file is in PDF format
GAM spin fx
GAM twinspin Gobo Man
Chicago Theatre Rigging Jauchem & Meeh Gobo Recipes (Gam)
Metromix Chicago CM Lodestar Gobo Holders     Sizes
Coffing Hoists Techni-Lux Lee
ETCP -Rigging Exam Theatre Effects Rosco
Motion Labs Wildfire
Humor Peak Trading Projection
Duct Tape Fashion Saspis     Rigging Info Fog / Haze / etc Da-Lite (screens)
Life...Stagehand Saspis -Heads! AEA -fog report This file is in PDF format
Napkin CAD Secoa CITC
Theatre Humor Skjonberg ESTA -fog documents GAM scene mach
Theatre Jokes StageMaker Fog Info (Rosco) Mitsubishi Projectors
FogScreen Pani Projectors
Searchlights Interesting Prods (Ln2) Projector Central
Theatre Design LP Associates Le Maitre Barco Imaging
David Crossfield Assoc SkyTracker MDG Fog Rent Quick
PWD Design Reel EFX Screen Basics (Rosco)
Rosco Fog Using Gobos (Gam)
DXF/DWG Viewers Global Spec Efx
eDrawing Th Fx fog: Tiny Fogger
Brava viewer Unique Hazer

Tech Specs Links / Jobs Safety Designers / Designs
StageSpecs Online CrowdSafe Jon Ares
Wharton -specs Off Stage Jobs ETCP -Tech Certification
Backstage Emp Network Fall Protection E Lee Dickinson
CallSteward ISETSA -H Sch Safety Eslinger Lighting
Tools / Gear Barbizon Links NFPA -Fire Codes Abe Feder (historical)
CineBags Cue1.net OSHA Richard Finkelstein
Roadie Rags DynaLighting Rigging Safety
SetWear eLumit Risk Int -Dr Doom
Stage T-Shirts Dr ProAudio (Spanish) Saspis Inspections Herrick Goldman
Tools For Stagecraft Freelance Crew Dir UK Safety Store Steven Haworth
Internet Broadway db Sara Hughey
Stage Photography Internet Theatre db Signs -Safety (humor) Jim Hutchison
Lighting Resource Signs -Warnings Lee Keenan
Stagecraft List Links Signs -Make Your Own William McLachlan
Other Stuff Scott Riley
10 Cmds for Tech TheatreCrafts.com Design Webrings Jeffrey Salzberg
Gaff Tape Webring Bill Williams site Lighting Design Webring The Lighting Archive
Reconditioned Lights NYPL Lighting Db
Rental-Source Drawing Archives
Stage (re)Cycle Stage Specs

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